Meet the Cartel: Pop Caribe

Meet the Cartel: Pop Caribe

Welcome back to our new interview series Meet the Cartel, a spotlight on Big Cartel shop owners. For today's installment, we introduce you to Yermine Richardson of Pop Caribe, a Caribbean multidisciplinary artist.

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How did you get into making your art?

Since I was born I think, I don't remember a period of my life when I wasn’t creating something. I love creating, it's the ultimate power.

Why did you choose Big Cartel?

SOOOOO easy to use, and all the templates are beautiful and free!

Tell us about your most popular item in your shop

The Morena Galactica Giclée Print series is by far the #1, and it's so funny... I was actually reluctant to show them and to sell them as prints since they have so much meaning to me. They are made by scanning old works and new works and then mixing it in a digital world to be reproduced as matter in our world. Then I retouch some parts by hand with gold and silver. Sometimes I do very cool stuff and then I realize that was not what they ordered so I have to print again... this printing world is incredible but in the end I want them to be unique, so all of them have something made by hand.

Morena-Galactica_red - Yermine Richardson.jpg

Why did you choose your current theme for your shop?

It has a clean design and it's adaptable.

Check out the Foundry theme for your own Big Cartel shop.

What does a regular workday look like for you?

I don't know, this lockdown kinda changed the way we look at work days. We are more chill I think. I work at home so I wake up early in the morning, make a big, big breakfast, then look at the paintings I'm working on. Sometimes amazing things happen and I can't stop painting, sometimes nothing happens, but I always take Playstation breaks to unwind.

Which Big Cartel feature could you not live without?

Bulk editing.

Who or what inspires you?

My Mom and The Big Bang.

Tell us about your process for coming up with new products.

I experiment a lot! This is why I'm about to launch a new category in my store where I will share sketches and experiments or just different styles of my work.

afro - Yermine Richardson.jpg

What's a moment in your career, or life in general, that you're proud of?

Every time I help my family back in Dominican Republic. I know all my hard work is helping them.

Any advice for someone thinking about opening up their own shop?

Get a printer.

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Where can people find you online?, @popcaribe on Instagram, and on Facebook.

3 August 2021

Words by:Big Cartel

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