Meet the Cartel: Fox Fisher

  • 22 September 2021
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Meet the Cartel: Fox Fisher

Welcome back to our new interview series Meet the Cartel, a spotlight on Big Cartel shop owners. For today's installment, say hello to Fox Fisher, a brown, queer, pansexual, non-binary trans person who educates on LGBTQIA+ issues through art, books, films and conversations.

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How did you find your creative focus?

Just before my MA, I did a screen printing course and fell in love with the process. I have been teaching and making my own art for 10+ years now and am still learning new parts of the process and pushing myself. I use my art for political purposes, usually for LGBTQIA+ rights and planet positive creations. From gig posters, to abstracts, my work expands upon a dream-like world, playful and transforming, perhaps with glow-in-the-dark layers or partially covering a former print.

Tell us about your most popular item in your shop

Pharmacy of Dreams has been extremely popular. Other favoured items are Trans Rights Are Human Rights on book pages, and sticker packs which help to raise funds for my non-profit film and education company My Genderation.

What about your favorite item in your shop?

Regarde Le Reynard, a screen print of a sleepy fox, with a secret glow-in-the-dark layer of sacred geometry.

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Why did you choose Big Cartel?

Everything is really user friendly. I liked that there was a free shop option, which I soon grew out of.

Why did you choose your current theme for your shop?

I wanted a clean, gallery-like experience to let the work speak for itself.

Check out the Lunch Break theme for your own Big Cartel shop.

Which Big Cartel feature could you not live without?

Just a click to tell the customer you've shipped their order.

What does a regular workday look like for you?

Wake up around 8am, drink some coffee (dandelion or chicory), check my emails, make a list, do some yoga, walk the dog, From midday onwards, I do some editing / writing or drawing, upload images, reply to emails. After dinner I like to draw.

Tell us about your process for coming up with new products.

If there's a gallery exhibition, I often makes art on that theme. If it's something do with LGBTQIA+ rights, it's because I don't see that phrase or image in existence.

Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by passion, nature, sacred geometry, strength, radical vulnerability, love, context, fashion, sustainability, recycled elements, raw, organic, gold.

What's a moment in your career, or life in general, that you're proud of?

As a trans person who came out in their 20s, surviving my childhood was a fantastic achievement. I've had so many incredible achievements in my life. The first was representing the UK in a design competition in New York about 10 years ago. Another is being awarded an Honorary Doctorate for my work on trans issues in film and other media.

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What was the most unexpected challenge you have encountered while running your own business?

The challenge is taking the risk of making art that I love, and hoping that others love it too.

How do you like to unwind after a particularly busy day?

I love playing my omnichord, petting my cats, walking my dog, drinking gin (I designed the labels for 400 Brighton Gin bottles recently, so I was gifted a few), drawing on my iPad.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?

A horse whisperer, a comedian, a poet??

Twizzlers or Red Vines?

Black Twizzlers.

Give us three recommendations... for anything!

My favourite illustrators are (on instagram) @HelloMyNameIsWednesday, @Julesscheeleillustration, and @nicoz_balboa.

Any advice for someone thinking about opening up their own shop?

Just go for it! Start simple, with just a few items and get feedback from all your customers. Buy postage materials in bulk to save costs.

Where can people find you online?

Art by Fox, and more links are on my Linktree.

22 September 2021

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