Keep Customers Coming Back With Branded Shipping

Keep Customers Coming Back With Branded Shipping

Sending out products can seem like a challenge, but Big Cartel's integration with ShipStation can make the process a lot smoother. ShipStation's Callie Hinman is here to explain how to turn shipping into an important part of your customer's experience.

Any successful online retailer can say they offer everything in this list:

What separates the good e-commerce brands from the exceptional ones is an understanding that once an order leaves their hands, their obligation to the consumer isn’t complete. Instead, the online retailers with the most loyal customers invest in the post-purchase experience. They stand behind their merchandise by thinking of their brand in every step of the customer journey - including shipping.

Many store owners are under the impression their only opportunity to brand their shipping is with customized packaging. But in reality, there are four other places you can showcase your brand:

  1. Confirmation emails

  2. Order tracking page

  3. Packing slips

  4. Shipping labels

Now, it’s absolutely a good idea to brand your packaging to boost customer loyalty. But your branded shipping strategy shouldn’t start and end with your boxes and envelopes. Rather, take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand.

Read on to learn how to maintain your brand presence at each step.

Branded Emails


Once a customer has placed an order, they should automatically receive a confirmation email. The email should have all of the necessary information about their purchase. This might include:

  • Details about the merchandise they bought, such as size, color, quantity, and price per product

  • Total cost of the order including tax and shipping charges as well as any discounts they received

  • How the customer can track their shipment

  • Link to your returns policy

After the order ships, the customer should receive another email with the expected delivery date and a link to the tracking page.

Pro-Tip: If you invest in a shipping and fulfillment solution like ShipStation, this process can be totally automated.

Every email you send should have your brand name, logo, and how customers can get a hold of you. Your goal here is to encourage the customer to associate this personalized and friendly correspondence with your brand. You want them to remember how you made sure they had all of the information they needed and how you dedicated time to maintaining helpful post-purchase communication.

Branded Tracking Page


Sending a shopper to a carrier’s tracking page creates a gap between purchase and delivery. But a branded tracking page, like the confirmation emails, allows you to continue the brand-customer conversation.

A branded tracking page is another opportunity to show your commitment to the customer experience. You’re offering up-to-date information about the shopper’s order on a page that displays your name, your logo, and your contact information - not the carrier’s. You’re saving the customer time if they want to know the status of their order and reinforcing how easy and convenient it is to shop with you.

Branded Shipping Labels and Packing Slips


Shipping labels and packing slips are the most often overlooked opportunity for branded shipping. They’re just delivery necessities, right? Do customers even look at them? Yep, they do.

Nearly 50% of the participants in a survey by Dotcom Distribution said branded packaging made them more excited about opening the box. And both shipping labels and packing slips are essential parts of those branded shipping elements.

The shipping label is the last thing a shopper looks at before opening the package and is a perfect place to add your logo and tagline. And the packing slip is one of the most important items inside the box because it helps the customer confirm they ordered and received the correct merchandise.

With a branded packing slip, you can choose how every element appears, such as the header, footer, and individual line items. You can also include your return policy to make the lives of your customers easier.

No other online store is like yours. You want to prove to shoppers how superior you are to the competition. One of the best ways to show off your value and offer unparalleled customer service is with branded shipping.

It's not just about a logo. It's about taking responsibility for the safe and speedy delivery of your customer's new favorite item.

28 August 2018

Words by:Callie Hinman

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