Introducing Vivek Venkatraman

Introducing Vivek Venkatraman

Big Cartel's Leadership team has a new face which means it's time to say heyyyy to our new Design Director, Vivek Venkatraman!

Vivek is here to lead Big Cartel in all things creative. With his extensive background in design and deep passion for building for the marginalized, we know his expert eye will lead to truly wonderful and thoughtful work. Previously Vivek has worked at a not-for-profit that delivers free, world class education to anyone, anywhere AND has worked with researchers, designers, and data scientists to combat discrimination. (Can you even with this guy?!)

So how did he make his way to Big Cartel? Well, Vivek played in punk and hardcore bands growing up and taught himself the basics of design software so he could design merch for his band and friends' bands. And he just happened to be inspired by all of his favorite bands using Big Cartel to sell their merch.

In his free time, he's super passionate about radical politics, designing wedding invitations for his friends, hanging out with his partner and giant dog, and collecting sneakers. He also believes strongly in the idea of iteration. Everything is just an iteration - a work in progress. He's constantly learning, developing his sensibilities, and trying to get better to make a difference.

So clap your sneakers together and give Vivek some welcome applause! Then check out the playlist below to find out what's coming through his headphones these days.

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26 February 2020

Words by:Stephanie Perry

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