Introducing the Roadie Theme

Introducing the Roadie Theme

Your customers are spending more time online right now than... maybe ever? It's important to keep your shop looking nice and up to date, so a new design template with plenty of opportunities for customization might be just what you need right now.

While thinking up Roadie, our designers focused on bands and their labels: folks that end up being small apparel shops (tour t-shirts, anyone?), even if that wasn't their original business plan. We talked with a few folks in the music industry, and listened to what they wanted: a shop that is quick and easy to setup, with a good amount of customization at their fingertips.


Near-infinite layout options

Change all sorts of layout details: decide where your site navigation lives, change up the spacing between products, and even mix up the look of the sale and coming soon badges.


View products how you want

For the speedy shopper, we've added the option for Quick View on products. They can get in, add any quantity of an item to their cart, and be on their way. For shoppers who deliberate carefully, the product image zoom will let them see all of the detail in your work.


New "Sort by" options

As a shop owner, it can be hard to guess your customer's ideal way to scroll through your products. The Roadie theme lets them make the call themselves: sort by price, popularity, newness, and more.

More features you'll love:

  • Select quantity on product page

  • Add a fixed or repeating background image

  • Share updates via a Promo Image or Announcement Text

  • Options for currency sign or currency sign with code

  • Products with differently-priced options show price range

  • Search bar

  • Social media integration

Check out the theme’s demo store, then log in to your shop admin to give Roadie a try. Relax and listen to the Roadie playlist (find it on Spotify or Apple Music) while you customize the look of your shop. Roadie expands the level of control you have over the look of your shop, so let us know what you think! We want to keep building themes that let you put your best face forward.

Learn more about Roadie and other free Big Cartel themes on our Themes page. If you like the products featured in the theme’s demo store, you'll love artist Justin Gallego.

21 April 2020

Words by:Sarah Anderson

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