Hot Shops We're Loving: Toronto Edition

Hot Shops We're Loving: Toronto Edition

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.

This special edition features artists and makers from Toronto, Ontario, as part of Muse From the 6, a week to celebrate art and culture in the city.

Povrich Apparel


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Povrich Apparel is the work of Ahniel Lee from Toronto. A self-taught designer, Ahniel approaches his products like a piece of art. Pouring himself into every detail, he designs his clothes as pieces of art to be worn on a walking canvas. We love the creativity and attention to detail in his products. Add his ambition and customer-first focus and Povrich Apparel is about to blow up.

Hayden Menzies


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Hayden Menzies is the drummer for the T.O. rock behemoth METZ and an illustrator. You may recognize Hayden’s work from concert posters for the likes of Thee Oh Sees or even from the walls of Glass Box Barbershop in downtown Toronto. His store features original artwork, prints, and a killer new line of pins.

Iron Disease


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Iron Disease is the brainchild of illustrator and designer Finn Zygowski. Taking inspiration from classic racing cars, spacesthetics, comics, and zines, Finn has crafted a bold, eye-catching style. We love the playful, culture-jammy touches. The detail of the work keeps your eyes fixed, but the lightness keeps a smile on your face.

No Vacancy


Shop / Instagram

What we love: No Vacancy's Instagram bio says it all: “Run by an idiot and a hot grill who design stuff and make things. Toronto-based.” Another shop with a healthy dose of humor, great ideas, and a distinct lack of pretension. The result is a feed you want to follow and a brand you wanna root for.

Todd McLellan


Shop / Site

What we love: Todd McLellan creates fascinating images of everyday objects deconstructed to show movement, trigger thoughts, and challenge your perceptions. From camera equipment arranged as an automatic rifle to each component of an accordian, his images invite you to study them. Some show chaos, others a new order, but all feel inspired.

Fabled Creative


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Fabled Creative is an independent illustration and design studio specializing in imaginative, striking images. They pay special focus on storytelling to draw in the viewer. Their store features work they’ve done for television and movies, plus neat stuff like space and maps.

Muse From the 6 is a week to celebrate the artists who call Toronto home and the art that makes it unique. This week, Big Cartel will be supporting ArtHeart, a community organization helping people of all ages explore their creativity with art supplies, accessible studio space, and healthy snacks.

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21 December 2017

Words by:Big Cartel

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