Cave In Takes Us Back to Our Roots

Cave In Takes Us Back to Our Roots

Over the weekend, I had the chance to spend some time with some good friends in Boston.


The weather was actually beautiful, which welcomed the New Year perfectly.

After a sleepy drive into the forests of New Hampshire, an epic, untamed bonfire, and an early morning wake-up call, I found myself squished in the back of a truck, heading to a ski resort with the full line-up from the band Cave In. Riding up the canyon, barely audible over the music playing, we chatted about the trucks out on the frozen lakes and how bad our legs were going to hurt after the ride. They even humored me and answered some questions about past tours and what music still means to them now between kids, families and being grown up.

It was an inspiration to see the reverence these guys still held for the art of making music and how so much of their lives are still affected by the music they’d made together. I was reminded again of how much work goes into creating art as a band and was unbelievably excited when I got home, to find that Hydra Head has a Big Cartel shop with some throwback Cave In items on there.


Thanks to the guys from Cave In for reminding me why we built Big Cartel and who we built it for. Thanks for the amazing weekend fellas - needless to say we could have used these pint glasses more than a few times.


5 January 2011

Words by:Dan Christofferson

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