Both Sides of the Retail Coin

  • 30 July 2015
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Both Sides of the Retail Coin

For those of you who sell primarily at events, there are a lot of people who’ll window shop your booth, then go home after, thinking about what they saw, and want to buy online. Help fans connect your in-person presence with your Big Cartel shop with these little tips.

1. Send them to your shop with discounts

A stack of cards printed with the address of your shop and a discount code for their next order online will help more timid shoppers seal the deal.

2. Promote exclusive items

If you can't show every item on your table or in your booth, let shoppers know that there's more to enjoy online. Before the event, sneak peek some new items that will be available to in-person attendees before anyone else. You can even take pre-orders and have products available for pick-up at the event.

3. Keep inventory in check

Work from a single inventory to stay organized and updated. When you turn on inventory tracking in your shop admin and use the iPhone app for in-person sales, you won't accidentally oversell while you're away from your shipping supplies. If you don't want to worry about online sales while you're out and about, put your online shop in event/maintenance mode to keep things organized.

4. Make loyal customers

On average, 40% of the people shopping your store online are return customers. Now’s your chance to meet them in person and let them know the face behind the brand. Be personable, get their contact info and reach out to them. Swap cards, put them on your mailing list, bring them into your brand family. If you’re not the type of person that loves to charm a crowd, employ someone who does. Find a sibling or friend who believes in what you do and bring them with you.

5. Learn about your product

Online, you’re caught behind a curtain a bit. In person, you get the chance to see how your fans react, which products they love, what price points sell quickly and how your packaging is perceived. Take notes during your event on how to improve the experience for your online shoppers. Implement the changes you come up with while things are happening live around you.

30 July 2015

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