Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Plant Lovers

  • 18 November 2019
  • 2 min read
Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Plant Lovers

In case you haven't noticed, plants are having a bit of a moment, so naturally we had to pot (😜) together a little gift guide for the plant enthusiast in your life. Some items are perfect for an experienced indoor gardener (who always needs a new vessel), while others are ideal for the well meaning black thumb (for some positive planty energy without another plant death).

The vibrant community of painters, jewelry makers, designers, and other artists who call Big Cartel home rely on shoppers like you for support. So go ahead, pick up a gift for a loved one (or yourself - we won’t judge!) from one of these indie artists.


Cactus Keychain by The Good Twin Buy Now - $16.00


House Plant 1 Mini by Lane Walkup Buy Now - $138.00


Flower Pickers Cotton Handkerchief by Polly Fern Buy Now - £26.00


Cacti Kitchen Towel by The Rise and Fall Buy Now - $20.00


Don't Tread on Me California Poppies Pin by Chaparral Studio Buy Now - $12.00


Water My Plants T-Shirt by Yonder Buy Now - $18.00


Plants of the Desert Print by Lloyd Stratton Buy Now - £25.00


House Plants Print by Julianna Swaney Buy Now - $20.00


Banana Planter by Wundaire Buy Now - $60.00


Tiger Planter by Holly Haymaker Buy Now - $95.00


Large 11x17 Flower Poster Print by Natalie Andrewson Buy Now - $20.00

For more great products from the Big Cartel community, check out Shop Indie and search #shopindie on Instagram.

18 November 2019

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