Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Magic Makers

Shop Indie Gift Guide: For Magic Makers

Who would be your first call when you need a star chart, have a question about the most ethically sourced incense, or just need some thoughtful words of encouragement? That's the person we had in mind when we created this gift guide. When you need a little special something for the friend with seemingly endless inner strength, start by looking here.

The vibrant community of painters, jewelry makers, designers, and other artists who call Big Cartel home rely on shoppers like you for support. So go ahead, pick up a gift for a loved one (or yourself - we won’t judge!) from one of these indie artists.


The Cosmic Woman Tarot by Lisa Junius Buy Now - €40.00


Crown of Success Oil by Luna + Quartz Buy Now - $32.00


Gems and Minerals Print by Jessica Roux Buy Now - $20.00


Moon Palm Banner by The Rise and Fall Buy Now - $24.00


Quartz Crystal Cluster & Points / You Are A Gem / Medium by Chaparral Studio Buy Now - $25.00


Zodiac Constellation Pennants by Positive Pennants Buy Now - $10.00


Many Moons Lunar Planner 2020 by Modern Women Buy Now - $44.00


Strength Tarot Print by Olivia M Healy Buy Now - £35.00


Magic Flag by Secret Holiday Buy Now - $60.00


2020 Lunar Calendar & Moon Phase Chart by Vanessa Adams Buy Now - $35.00


Portal View #1 Print by Rebecca Chaperon Buy Now - $39.99

For more great products from the Big Cartel community, check out Shop Indie and search #shopindie on Instagram.

22 November 2019

Words by:Big Cartel

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