Manage Your Orders on the Go

  • 15 January 2014
  • 2 min read
Manage Your Orders on the Go


We're super pumped to introduce you to the first piece of a completely mobile admin, starting with mobile order management. This is just the beginning, but while we're building the rest - we want you to put mobile order access to good use.

We built this completely from the ground up. We tossed out everything and started fresh so we could run the latest technologies - including HTML5, CSS 3, and Rails 4. Designed specifically for your smartphone, everything is mobile-optimized. Pages load faster and are easier to use with the stubbiest of fingers on any phone or tablet. This means we simplified our design and focused on your user experience - so you can get your work done faster and easier. This new system allows us to build new features and update the admin faster and more frequently. Hooray!

Like we said, we're just getting started. We're already hard at work on the next big thing, and we'll drop that as soon as it's ready for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and log in to your shop at to start managing your orders now.

15 January 2014

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