Get a Free Zine from Big Cartel

Get a Free Zine from Big Cartel

No tricks, but it's only while supplies last.

Heads up! They're all gone now.

Around here, we spend a lot of time sharing links to shops using Big Cartel, celebrating the ways they're using our platform or in awe of the cool stuff they make. Inevitably, we get the itch to make a physical product ourselves.

The zine features an interview with Ahniel Lee of Povrich, quotes from artists including Hallie Bateman and Nic Annette Miller, an interactive comic by Holden Mesk, and other prompts and inspiration to keep you motivated and excited about building your business.

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To make sure this zine was done right, we enlisted Misc. Design Co., led by designer Tyler Deeb, to put their unique spin on the style of this first edition. Tyler also wrote a personal essay for the zine that touched on how he learned to appreciate the value of hard work:

"You do not have to prove yourself to the world. Do not take the mindless jargon of the internet to heart. You don't have to 'make something amazing today.' You don't have to 'hustle' yourself into oblivion. Just show up to work when you say you're going to and take care of the people that are depending on you."

It's full of that kind of good wisdom and much more, and we're proud to amplify a few of the voices in our community of artists, designers, and shop owners.

If you happen to get your hands on a copy, tag @bigcartel on Instagram and Twitter with a pic when your zine arrives!

10 October 2018

Words by:Vanessa Wardy

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