Big Cartel for iPhone 1.1 Update

Big Cartel for iPhone 1.1 Update

Selling in person requires some finesse - and the right tools.

With Big Cartel for iPhone you are automatically hooked up with your online store to sell in person, take cash or credit card payments, all in sync with your inventory and stats. So today we are pretty stoked for our update to add some more tools to your in-person sales.

Discounts - We wanted to it as simple as possible to offer discounts. Now you can add a discount to any order in seconds and see it update the total in real time. Perfect for when you’re having a sale or when an old friend comes by to make a purchase.


Tax - When you’re selling in person at a market or retail shop or event - municipalities almost always require you charge sales tax. So we’ve made tax a setting in the options panel of Checkout (the gear icon) to help you collect exactly what you need. Set the tax percentage once and it will be added to all subsequent orders. You can always head back to the options panel and change it to reflect any new rates.

Credit Card Identification - Now when you start typing in a customer’s credit card number, Big Cartel Checkout auto-detects what kind of card it is. We even show you an icon of the card to make sure things are working properly.

In addition to these three features we’ve packed in a slew of stability and speed enhancements to help you stay ahead of the curve. As always, if you have any thoughts, head to Settings > Email a question and please drop us a note.

20 January 2014

Words by:Matt Wigham

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