Black Lives Matter

Big Cartel is committed to being an anti-racist company. We are built to be positive and inclusive. Art can be challenging, but it should never cross the line into hate and discrimination, or be used as a weapon to silence the voices of others. There is no room for hate, discrimination, or violence at Big Cartel.

Everyone has a role in the fight for justice. We are learning our place in the struggle and how we can help, and that is a messy, ongoing process. We will reflect, evolve, and update our practices and recommendations over time.

Our Prohibited Items Terms have been updated to reflect our role in the fight against racism and bigotry. We're also pledging money, work programs, and more for our community, while conducting an internal racial equity audit to understand how Big Cartel can be an effective anti-racist and equitable organization.

June 2020 Donation

$10,000 to Bail Funds working to free protestors and community members from a racist carceral system.

July 2020 Donation

$10,000 to Project LETS an organization focused on addressing the intersectionality between race, mental health, and disability.

August 2020 Donation

$10,000 to Angry Tias and Abuelas providing basic necessities for health and safety and support for human dignity and justice.

September 2020 Donation

$10,000 to Black Women Build to help train Black women in rebuilding West Baltimore, with an additional $500 to both Don’t Shoot PDX and PDX Mutual Aid.

October 2020 Donation

$10,000 to Khmer Girls in Action an organization led by Southeast Asian women building a community that works for gender, racial, and economic justice.

November 2020 Donation

$5,000 to prison abolitionist organization Black and Pink, $5,000 to Indigenous-led NDN Collective, and $8,100 going to arts cooperative Black Table Arts.

January 2021 Donation

$10,000 to the Braddock Youth Project a work skills excellence program that allows youth to design projects based on the needs in their community.

February 2021 Donation

$10,000 to BEAM a collective of people committed to the emotional/mental health and healing of Black communities.

March 2021 Donation

$10,000 to Red Canary Song a grassroots collective supporting labor rights for Asian migrant workers and sex workers.

April 2021 Donation

$3,335 each to Heart of Dinner, AF3IRM, and House of Rebirth.

May & June 2021 Donation

$16,250 to 3rd Ward Chess Park to purchase umbrellas and $3,750 to Give India.

July Donation 2021

August 2021 Donation

$10,000 to Lilith Fund.

September 2021 Donation

October 2021 Donation

November 2021 Donation

December 2021 Donation

$10,000 to Breck Gordon ESL.

Charitable Match

$5,250 matched donations raised by shops in our community.

Financial Support Total

$204,355 total financial support given since May 2020.

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

Angela Y. Davis

Look, listen, and learn

“I don’t want your love and light if it doesn’t come with solidarity and action. I have no interest in passive empathy.”

Rachel Cargle

Join, amplify, and support

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Y. Davis

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